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Vicky Walter

Author - Bertie McCoy/Pioneer of Grace

Bertie McCoy and my mom, Jody Brown, became friends when I was a child.   She was family to me.  I was at Powerhouse and then Echoes of Faith for many years.  I also worked for Pastor Bertie in the church office. There are so many treasured memories.

I spent many days with Bertie and her mother, Gramma Jasper, as I was growing up in Las Vegas.  Anyone who knew Gramma Jasper will tell you she was a very strong woman and you better watch out if you hurt her Bertie.  To me, she was like my own gramma. She patiently taught me many different tricks of the trade when I was learning to sew.  We would hear Bertie and my mom laughing and talking for hours.  I can still hear their laughter and I know I will hear them again.  


I had many hard years when I was younger, but it was Bertie and her never ending mercy who paved the way for me to come back to Jesus. I wonder how many of you can say the same?


When Bertie went home to be with the Lord, I felt a tug at my heart to write a book about her life.  It has taken me many years and necessary roads I needed to travel down so I could put on paper what I knew in my heart about her.  It's my goal to bring the story of Bertie to life on the pages of the book.  A woman full of grace and love.  With all the challenges she experienced, she remained true to her call.  I also want her life to be and inspiration to those who were never blessed to be her friend.  One person changed so many lives. She was and still is one extraordinary lady.  I love you, Bertie and I feel you cheering me on.   

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