Pastor Bertie McCoy

Excerpt from the book inspired by the life of Bertie McCoy by Vicky Walter

Bertie sat quietly as a silent breeze swirled the sand below her feet. Weary from a night of desperate prayer, she looked up as a black limousine with even blacker windows whizzed by. She wondered for a moment how she ever ended up in this place. Just a simple girl from a small Oklahoma town. A stark contrast to where she was now. Pulling her thoughts back, she remembered the miracle of this place called “Powerhouse” and how it all came together just a few blocks from downtown Las Vegas. It was 1972 and she had many tough years behind her, but this assignment was challenging her to the core. She whispered, “Father, I’m trusting in You. You have never failed me” as she slowly drew a circle in the sand. 


A thought carefully floated around her, “Maybe you should go back to Oklahoma. Such a simple life compared to this place. Do you really think you belong here?” She answered as if she was replying to her own thoughts, “At least I have friends and family who would support me there.” 

Las Vegas. Even the name conjures up things not spoken of where she was from. A tough city where sin is celebrated openly, while quietly leaving trails of shattered lives in its wake. The lives she was sent to help. Drug addicts, hippies, gamblers who lost everything for just “one more chance” and church kids burned out on religion, were finding God in this most unlikely place. 

Suddenly, she sat up straight and spoke as if she was talking to someone or something outside of herself, “I may not understand everything about this kind of life, but this I know, they are hurting and I understand pain. No one else may want them but I won’t turn away. My Father sent me here and He is the only one who can help them.” 

Many of her comrades, who had eagerly joined with her in this commission the previous year, had been moving away one by one. A ministry friend journeyed back to Oklahoma, another left to become a missionary, and one moved to Texas…all with good enough reasons, but it didn’t ease her feelings of abandonment. At least she still had Betty. A kind and strong woman of God who was business smart and had the heart of a servant. Bertie depended on her and was so very thankful she stayed but an assignment this big needed others who were also willing to get in the trenches with her. 

The Heavenly Father was listening to his daughter’s cry and was aware of the unseen adversaries surrounding her. He saw the desperate situation she faced and knew He could trust her to wait for the answers to come. He was especially happy about one. A beautiful dancer from the famous “Les Folies Bergere” show on the strip – a suicidal drug addict who had just been released from the local mental institution. A soon to be miracle. A most unlikely person in this most unlikely place. A beautiful broken one He so loved before the world began was on her way.

Author Note:  I don't have a publisher at this time and will most likely self publish initially in digital format unless God changes my plans. Send me your contact information (see below) if you want to be notified when the book is out. Make sure and mention in the comments you want to be updated about Pastor Bertie's book release.  

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You are His Precious Jewels - February 21, 1988 - Pastor Bertie
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