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Social media is quickly censoring those of us who are speaking out against the 2020 Election being stolen from President Donald Trump. We are in the most incredible time in the history of this nation.  This page was created so I can centralize links and videos and also the words and visions God has given me and others.  There will be links to current happenings that social media is quickly removing.   If you would like to share your contact info, I will send out e-mails to you when important information has been updated here.  I WILL NOT spam you or share your email with any organization or anyone else.  This is for info only.  God Bless you!  Together we can pray and stand in battle together to fight for our nation.


Vicky Walter

Visions & Words I've had are on my BLOG page

Trump Prophecies

Kim Clement – The Trump Prophecies

Hank Kunneman – Presidential Election

Hank Kunneman – Media, Supreme Court, New Era

Charlie Shamp – Pennsylvania

Charlie Shamp –  Halls of the Capital

Mark Taylor – 2011 Prophecy

Dr. Francis Myles – November Surprises

Curt Landry – Prophesy God's Plan

Wanda Alger – The 2020 Election Will Be Settled in the Courts

John Natale – Trump 2020 Prophecy and November 6 prophecy

A Servant's Heart – What If????

Jill Steele – Make America God's Again

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November 8
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