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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

November 6, 2020 - Vicky Walter

Last night when I was praying, the Lord showed me what is now happening with the battle over our country. I wrote it down to watch and wait, but I woke up this morning with an urgency to post what I saw. This is a continuation of the first vision from a couple of days ago showing the warriors waiting over Washington DC. This doesn’t mean we can relax and stop praying but in our prayers we must rejoice because our King has given the order!

I see the armies of Heaven now storming into Washington DC moving swiftly with their swords held high. Masses upon masses riding on their magnificent war horses advancing so fast with a roar of victory. Thousands of thousand swarming into the capital of our great country with a deafening shout so loud that it's hard to put into words. Running running running into the war with such intensity. The Lord God most high has given the order to fight until victory - until the battle is won. Rejoice! Rejoice! The Lord of Hosts is fighting for us while we sing with great joy. The battle is fierce. Keep rejoicing rejoicing. No weapon formed against His army has any hope of prospering. The army of the Lord will prevail. I’ve never seen such force. Such power over the enemies of this country. The very source of their evil schemes are losing power. More and more keep coming. There is no comparison to anything I've ever seen. It’s not a fair fight but that is the way of the Most High God. He fights to win because He knows He will prevail. Sing, oh sing faithful ones. You will behold the hand of the Lord. It will seem so much like a dream that you will rub your eyes. There is no one like our King. He is the King of Kings and fierce in battle. He is the Leader of the armies of Heaven. The one who meets His enemies with a swift kill. Great and mighty and more than we could have ever ever imagined. He is worthy. He is all mighty. He is beautiful in battle. Sing oh sing unto the Lord. He is doing great things. It has begun. The battle will be won. Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord. He will not leave us or forsake us. He is our King and He fights for us with all His might and glory. Rejoice rejoice rejoice and sing to our King. Sing now before you see the victory and you will soon stand in awe of what you will see.

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