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It seems we are always waiting on something. Stuck in traffic? Waiting. At the doctor’s office? Waiting. Long lines at the gas station? Waiting. Your order from a big box store didn't come in right while the contractor you’ve waited on for months is ready to install? Waiting. At the DMV? WAITING! Waiting is something we do every day. From the daily mundane waiting to life and death situations we may face.

In our instant gratification culture, waiting is still part of life on this planet. We all must wait. It seams to me the more "efficient" our society becomes, the more we end up waiting. In fact, I’ll be totally transparent. While I’m writing this, I’ve been waiting on hold with my bank. For the fourth time today. Between being on hold with my bank, I’ve been waiting on hold with Apple Support. Both are blaming the other for the issue I need resolved. So here I sit. Waiting. The first paragraph is my waiting experience all bundled up into what I call Thursday. So, I decided to write about waiting. Sigh…

The more computerized our culture gets, the easier we are irritated when the easy fails us. When waiting becomes more complicated. I know my waiting cup can get full and frustration or exhaustion can set in where I dream about a cabin, in the forest, with no internet, in the middle of nowhere…then I remember that’s where the bears live. I'll just wait.

So when I sit down and read Isaiah 40:31, “But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength…” I have to admit, a slight anxiety can settle down over me. I know I should set apart time to wait on the Lord. I want to. I’m always so happy when I do, but after being forced to wait on so many other things all day, it seems more challenging. Wait? Why? Lord, can’t I just hear your voice when I come to You and…oh…wait. I decided to dig a little deeper.

The word “wait” in Isaiah 40:31 isn’t a passive “sit and wait” word. The Hebrew word for “wait” is “qavah.” It’s actually an active word. Qavah is a verb meaning "to actively expect, bind together (perhaps by twisting), to gather (together), look, patiently wait, tarry, to look for eagerly, hope, expect, linger for, to bind together. Something is happening when we wait on Him like this. In beautiful harmony, we are being bound to the Lord. It’s so very beautiful. Something intimate and supernatural. This time of waiting is twisting our lives to His in ways that I don't have words for. Being bound together with our Lord. Our Creator. Our King. Now, our waiting is something to look forward to. I hope this talks to you like it just did to me.



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