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Perfect President of the United States of America?

Vicky Walter - November 15, 2020

This is written to Christians who fight against President Trump because he is harsh, unpresidential, has a past, is arrogant and imperfect. Those who are judging him by his personality instead of what he has accomplished and will accomplish in his next term. Would things be better if he was more "presidential?" Maybe, but I doubt it. God chose a man He knows will not quit when his assignment of going against corruption becomes the hardest fight of his entire life. Someone who loves America more than a life of ease.

King David was anointed by God. What if he was up for election? Would you fight against him because he was an adulterer and a murderer? It was horrible what David did and it was not right, but God still chose him. How about Noah who was a drunk at times? Then there's Jacob who lied, making him, well, a liar. Samson was a major womanizer. It caused so much trouble in his life and actually caused his life to end sooner than it should have, BUT God still chose him. I highly doubt John the Baptist was loving when he yelled, "REPENT" at the people who came close to him. What about God using Rahab? Come on man, she was a prostitute! How on earth could God have chosen her? Didn't he know what she had been doing? Did it make her prostitution okay because God chose her? No, but He still chose her and she got the job done. Elijah, one of God's most powerful prophets, was suicidal at times. You know, Elijah, the prophet who didn't experience death? Then there was Isaiah. A major prophet. Did you know he preached NAKED! That sounds like King David who danced naked down the street where everyone could see him. Wow, just, wow.

I could go on and on but God chose every one of those people. Would their lives have been better if they hadn't had the weaknesses and sins they had? Pretty sure thy would have had a better life. Maybe, just maybe it's really hard for God to find perfect people who are willing to get what He needs done. People who are tough enough to not give in to threats or corruption. Over and over God chooses rough, tough and imperfect people. Well, you say, Trump is a womanizer! Yes, it appears he has been and that's not right, but I can't find any evidence that he murdered the husband of any woman, have you? Or held any press conferences naked. Yikes!

Be careful when you judge so harshly. Remember you have not always been perfect (still not) and not all of your words are spoken in love like you demand Trump to do. I believe God has chosen a wrecking ball who is a fighter instead of another smooth talking politician. Wouldn't you rather have someone tell you the truth instead of sugarcoating their words with lies? I know I would.

I'm waiting for Christians who voted against President Trump to have eyes to see and ears to hear what God is doing in our land. Please be careful about judging, for your own sake.

In the meantime, I am praying daily for President Trump to win the election and for all the fraud and corruption to be revealed. I'm believing God is going to shake America and good things are ahead. Hold on, it may be rough for awhile but I believe it will happen.

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